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Ua by Daemon-Asmodeus Ua :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 2 2
It took a few seconds for Aryn to realize that the shrill beeping sound was not a part of his dream. He opened his eyes to stare at the com-cube on the desk, the name Nikola glared back at him in neon red letters. Of course. Only Nikola was sadistic enough to call him this early. He reached for the cube and pressed the green button to accept the call.
The call connected and while her image was blurred, her voice, with her strange accent, came through loud and clear. His sister, Hallie, had given him one of the older models because she thought it would have been easier for him to use. It was more of an annoyance now.
“Good mornin’ boss. What do I owe for the pleasure of this call?” he yawned.
“It’s for your first assignment, actually.”
This got his attention. He’d been an official HellHound for a month now, but had yet to receive an assignment. He sat up quickly, leaning in closer to the com-cube as if it would help him hear her better. “I
:icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 1 7
Wasted Talent
 Kelrine couldn’t sleep. She lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling. It was her second month on Runnicai and she was beginning to regret this decision. There was too much here; too much noise, too many people and too many distractions.
 She couldn’t tell her husband though. Jalas had already made the decision after they argued over it for so long. He would be more than disappointed if she told him she was still unhappy.
 She slid from beneath the covers and kissed her sleeping husband. She pulled on a pair of leggings beneath her night dress and covered her shoulders with a robe. Perhaps a walk to the park and back would clear her head.
 The park was only a few blocks from their domicile and would be the perfect place for family picnics when she and Jalas decided it was time to start of family. Assuming nothing went wrong between now and then.
 It wasn’t as though she hated Adustrum. On the contrary, she loved the utopian pla
:icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 2 0
Mature content
Cat Scratch Fever :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 3 0
Mature content
Enigma :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 1 0
You can do this.
I slide into the booth, surveying my surroundings. The modest room was sparsely decorated, but at the center of the room was a pool table. A poor location, in my opinion, as it was in the middle of everything and would clearly disrupt the flow of the wait staff.
A cute brunette approaches me, and I start with water. If I could sit through the entire glass without being bothered, I would order something else.
I look over my shoulder to the man on the stool.  He looks tired, and his blue jumpsuit is stained with oil. He must be stopping in for a bite to eat before he returns to work. He holds a potato chip in his hand. I watch with grim anticipation as he takes a bite. *Crunch, crunch, crunch*. The sound makes me want to scream.
There is a couple at the pool table now. The man is setting up their game. He sets the palm-sized white ball on the green surface, motioning to his partner to take her turn. The sweet-faced blonde leaned forward, balancing the s
:icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 4 0
Breath on my Face by Daemon-Asmodeus Breath on my Face :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 37 7
The Letter
It was still dark when Aryn opened his eyes.
Sliding out of bed, he walked over to his closet and changed from his thin pajamas into thicker, tanned lambskin breeches and a linen tunic to match before tiptoeing his way into the kitchen. If the twins somehow managed to wake up and catch him sneaking out, they would insist on joining him, and he didn't need them making trouble for him in the dark.
He prepared a snack for himself; a handful of berries, a hunk of cheese and a quarter hunk of bread his father had baked the night before. After meticulously bagging and packing his treats, he stopped by the door and pulled on his boots. Once they were laced, he unlatched the lock on the door and went outside, closing it softly behind him.
The air was cold and Aryn thought to go back inside for a coat. He decided against it, the coat would only being one more thing to carry back, since he wouldn't need it after the sun came up. He stared off into the distance, a little unnerved by the darkness.
:icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 2 1
Portrait of Nikola by Daemon-Asmodeus Portrait of Nikola :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 2 3 Portrait of Ristilyn by Daemon-Asmodeus Portrait of Ristilyn :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 3 7 Thoughtful by Daemon-Asmodeus Thoughtful :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 1 4 Mother by Daemon-Asmodeus Mother :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 1 0 Xesulla by Daemon-Asmodeus
Mature content
Xesulla :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 0 2
8 facts about Nikola by Daemon-Asmodeus 8 facts about Nikola :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 1 0 Smile by Daemon-Asmodeus Smile :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 1 0 Eggplants by Daemon-Asmodeus Eggplants :icondaemon-asmodeus:Daemon-Asmodeus 0 3


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Ok, my first attempt at this critique thing. Love: The coloring! I also love Katra's muscles (DAT ASS) and the fact that he's got a ten...

That's right, I'm free! Free from university! I graduated on the 16th of May and I couldn't be happier. With this new free time, I hope to write and draw more.


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